What is a Pay Per Call Service?

Pay per call advertising is a new advertising model in which an advertiser only pays the cost of the call if it is a successful sale. In other words, the advertiser only pays for the amount of phone calls that result in a sale, or a purchase of a service or product. Pay Per Call advertising is used primarily by advertisers seeking to reach out to new audiences and attract customers. Because most people use their cell phones to make calls to prospective business partners, pay per call advertising has become a favorite choice for marketing agencies.


As with all marketing approaches, pay per call advertising needs to be thoughtfully planned, and executed with skill and planning. Pay Per Call companies vary in price, so a company that has a high initial cost for marketing can expect a higher amount of revenue from their campaign. The costs vary based on the amount of calls that are made. Pay per call services usually charge per call, each impression or conversion, or a combination of both.

There are several ways to advertise a product through the use of this medium. The most popular method is to include the phone number on a website. A visitor to the site clicks on the ad and the number is then broadcast to the phone list of the person who called the advertiser. Since the majority of people have their own cellular phone, the majority of these calls result in a sale. Pay per call advertisers must therefore carefully select a suitable number to advertise with, and choose the appropriate call capture page.

Pay per call advertising can be performed by either a web site or through a phone service. The telephone numbers for a site should match the numbers of customers who subscribe to the service. Some pay per call services charge a small fee for each call, but this can often be included in the initial cost of marketing. If a company is not sure of the correct number for their campaign, they should contact a service provider.

One of the benefits of pay per call service is that the advertiser does not need to pay for advertising on television. A website, which provides a service like the service, can charge a small fee for each call that comes in. This can help to offset the cost of a television ad or radio commercial. In addition, there is no cost associated with using newspaper ads as an advertiser. Many pay per call services also allow an advertiser to set their own rates and allow them to set their own advertising time.

A database that is maintained by the call service uses information provided by phone carriers for billing. Some call services use the data base to provide a daily report, which can be downloaded to an advertiser’s own computer or emailed to them.

A database that an advertising database uses is referred to as a “data base”. An advertising database allows advertisers to target ads to specific geographic areas or to specific demographics. Advertising data may be available for an individual company. In addition, certain companies offer database that allow advertisers to target specific industries.

Some call services allow an advertiser to pay by subscription, but this is only available for a period of time, after which the advertiser must sign up again to renew the subscription. In the past, when advertisers were unable to find a suitable call service, they were forced to choose between paying per call for advertising or losing out on a large chunk of their advertising budget to other companies. Because of this, many advertisers have switched to other means of advertising, such as television and newspapers, and the pay per call service has become less important.

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